description :

AstroDud.io is a cute multiplayer jumping io game. You will play in real-time with friends around the world. The game is inspired by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Your task is simple, just run on the platform and avoid falling off the blocks. To play this game you need to react quickly and have good observation. You compete with 10 other people at each level. You will find a way to knock them off the platform and conversely, your opponent will also find a way to knock you off the platform, so be careful because your opponent is also very agile. Keep your head down as you dodge pit traps, bats, and floating platforms. This is a real survival game where victory is decided by who is the fastest, who is the strongest, and who is the least. You need to jump, dodge, drop ducks and break your way forward the line, your goal is to finish before your opponent.
The game has dozens of competition maps for you to explore. Each map will have interesting challenges, some will have attractive obstacles. Are you confident to be the first to finish in each match? Don't forget to collect coins along the way, save and use coins to be able to customize your character later. Can you beat all the other players and be the first to finish?

how to play :

Use WASD keys to move.
Use pressing E to Push players.
Use clicking the space bar to jump.
Moving your mouse to look around.

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