description :

Basketball Legends is an exciting basketball game. You transform into a professional player and participate in matches. You can choose from a one-on-one with basketball legends, or choose a team to play with. Perform dunks and score 3 pointers to win the game. Your goal is to try to defeat your opponent to become a basketball legends champion. The game has cool stylized graphics, has sharp graphics that bring a lot of fun for players. Have fun.

how to play :

1 player controls

  • Use AD or left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use X/L to shoot/steal.
  • Use S to pump/block.
  • Use A+A or D+D or left/right arrow twice to dash.
  • Use K/Z to super shot.

2 player controls

  • To move: player 1 use AD and player 2 use left and right arrow keys.
  • To shoot/steal: player 1 use B and player 2 use L.
  • To pump: player 1 use S and player 2 use down arrow.
  • To dash: player 1 use A/D twice and player 2 use left/right arrow twice.
  • Use K to super shot.

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