description :

Basketball Legends 2020 is a popular role-playing basketball game. You will play as the famous basketball players Lebron James, Derrick Williams and Stephen Curry. You can start playing immediately by selecting Quick Match option if you wish. Choose your team and compete in a tournament against either a computer or another player.  Block and slap your opponent to knock him out and get the ball, move quickly and skillfully to make the perfect pitch. Pay attention to the super shot bar on the top of the screen, once it’s fully loaded, you can use the hot special dunk from wherever you are standing, it never fails. 

how to play :

1 player controls:

  • Use AD or left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use X/L to shoot/steal.
  • UseS to pump/block.
  • UseA+A or D+D or left/right arrow twice to dash.
  • Use K/Z to super shot.

2 player controls

  • To move, player 1 use AD and player 2 use left and right arrow keys.
  • To shoot/steal, player 1 use B and player 2 use L.
  • To pump, player 1 use S and player 2 use down arrow.
  • To dash, player 1 use A/D twice and player 2 use left/right arrow twice
    K to super shot.

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