description :

BlockTanks.io is a simple 2D graphics game. You join other players in a fast-paced and destructive deathmatch. You collect weapons that you can find around the arena and defeat the enemy using strategy, cooperation, or good old-fashioned brute force. You can right into the action as a guest or sign up for an account to track stats, level up, and unlock sweet new items. To join a match, just click play. Matches are relatively short, 8 minutes, and have a variety of maps to cycle through. And the number of players depends on the size of the map, from 2v2 to 16v16. Level up and unlock items to decorate your tank with. Let's play and win.

how to play :

Use WASD to move.
Use mouse scroll or Q or E to switch weapons.
Use Tab to show teams.
Use shift to show the menu.

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