description :

Chess Arena is a fun chess-based survival game with a large number of players. Chess is the world's oldest and most powerful strategy game. Your goal is to capture as many enemies as you can. At the start of the game, you have nothing and must gradually build everything; you begin with a king and must help him survive at all costs by collecting coins and enemy pieces. Work with the money you earn to build a powerful army and find the powers you need to solidify your empire. The chessboard's design was inspired by the architecture of Roman theaters, where spectators would gather to watch gladiators clash. The chessmen are dressed in architectural armor that represents their military rank. Observe and create an optimal plan for yourself from the start so that you can go as far as possible. Play and become the best battlefield strategist. Have fun playing the game.

how to play :

Use Left-click to move pieces.
Use WASD or right-click to move the camera.
Additional keybindings tagged in the game.

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