description :

Downtown 1930s Mafia is a game of survival in the American world in the 1930s. It is the time of the black market, bank robbery, smuggling, illegal alcohol, and raids. The game is a multiplayer game in which you run around the town, steal cars and kill enemies. You need to create and drive your gang to the top. You drive around with the authentic cars together with your gang. Engaging people and being active helps it grow. Good luck.

how to play :

Use WASD or arrow keys to walk/drive
Use H to open the help panel.
Use F to enter/exit car, sit.
Use R to repair the car.
Use U to car upside reset.
Use T to reset the stuck car.
Use E to crouch.
Use G to greetings, wave friendly.
Use RETURN/ENTER to focus on chat.
Use - to go to the lobby.
Use I to ignore/unignore panel.
Use K to invite friends.
Use CTRL + L to dancing a little swing.

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