description :

Gartic.io is a doodle game and everyone else will doodle guessing. You can play with friends or family, in turn, players will by their ability to draw for the rest to guess the picture, guess correctly, players will get points. Hint at some letters using the 'hint' button if it's a tough one. It's against the rules to draw letters, numbers, and symbols, you can report users for violating the rules, which will skip their turn. Gartic.io also allows the player to create his own room to play with his friends and choose between 6 themes to draw. You'll be able to create custom themes as choose a category, such as animals, food, or jobs, add favorites, and chat with other players. After achieving the goal of points, the first player will be declared as the winner. 

how to play :

Use Left click to choose a color and drag left mouse button to draw.

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