description :

Gumball Disc Duel  a super-sized air hockey game. You can play as Gumball, Darwin, Patrick Fitzgerald and many more of the Elmore gang and see how far you can go in the competition. You can make powerful shots, use the walls of the grounds to ricochet the disc or make slice shots to deceive opponent.  You will be able to play alone or playing with a friend. You will encounter different obstacles, can cause your character to become stunned or move slowly so pay attention. Have fun.

how to play :

Player 1 controls:

  • Use WASD to move.
  • Use V to throw.
  • Use B to swing throw.
  • Use V and B to use special skill.

Player 2 controls:

  • Use Arrow keys to move.
  • Use K to throw.
  • Use L to swing throw.
  • Use K and L to use special skill.

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