description :

Heads Mayhem is a fun shooting game. The goal of the game will be to destroy as many enemies as possible. The game has many characters for you to choose from and different weapon options. You can play alone or also play with 2,3,4 players. At the start of a new game, the player will have 5 lives. Defeat opponents and collect guns to increase combat power. Walkthrough the platform-filled arena as you collect a variety of weapons, ammunition, and explosives that you must use to save your life and join groups. The strongest gun in this game is RPG but you should be careful before shooting because it can make you fall due to its repelling force when shooting. You have 5 lives to spare, so be careful. Play and explore 8 maps in the game. Have fun.

how to play :

Play 1:
Use arrow keys to move.
Use M to use fire.
Use N to bomb.
Play 2:
Use WASD to move.
Use to H to use fire.
Use G to bomb.
Play 3:
Use IJKL to move.
Use P to use fire.
Use O to bomb.
Play 4:
Use 4567 to move.
Use number 0 to use fire.
Use number 1 to bomb.

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