description :

Hole.io Online is a superb multiplayer game. You control a huge hole, you must grow the size of your hole tape way devour and swallow anything in sight, even holes smaller than you. Opposite, you must watch out for other players, people who are older than you, they can swallow you up. With 3D graphics with cool effects, the game offers remarkable relaxation minutes. Hole.io combines several gameplay mechanics. In Classic mode, the player's objective is to become the largest black hole by the end of a two minute round by traveling around the area and consuming trees, humans, cars, and other objects which fall into the black hole if appropriately sized. "Battle" mode is a battle royale mode that pits players against each other with the goal of being the last hole standing. Other skins can also be unlocked by performing certain tasks within the game. Have fun.

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how to play :

Move left mouse to control.

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