description :

KillStreak.tv is a fun shooting-io game. The game has smooth gameplay and classic graphics. Your task is to move around the map and try to destroy as many opponents as possible. When starting out there are many areas for you to choose from (Golden Gun, Powerup Madness, Floor Is Lava, Team modes). There are many weapons for you to customize as a Variety of gear including Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, Molotov Cocktails, C4, Cowboy Rifles, Shields, Dual Desert Eagles, Energy Weapons, and more. You need to keep an eye on your ammo count as you can run out of ammo quickly. The game has ten levels to play on, including City, Medieval, Snowpark, and Inferno. Earn coins to can give yourself a different look and unlock more and more advanced weapons. Earn XP for equipped gear, level items up to unlock new skins and mods. Remember that each match lasts only a few minutes so you need to act fast. If you have a problem with ammo, don't forget to loot the enemy's weapon. The game is really fierce but fun, can you be the best gunfighter?

how to play :

Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
Use left-click to shoot.
Use right-click or space bar to zoom.

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