description :

Combining action and shooting games with the Among Us Games category can only lead to good things, which is exactly what you'll get right now and here for free as our team, I invite everyone to have fun with a game called MineGuy 2 Among Them, a 3D shooting game that is definitely a top candidate for the title of the best game of the day today!

This is a first-person shooting game in which you find yourself in an alien world full of impostors among us, and these impostors are also traitors to your government, that's why you and other forces are dispatched to this planet to deal with the rebels and destroy them all.

While traveling across the planet and eliminating impostors, you should also rescue any survivors and prisoners they are holding and destroy their facilities so they can no longer cause harm. You'll move with the W, A, S, and D keys, aim and shoot with the mouse, sprint with the shift key, jump with the spacebar, and reload with the R key.

F is for activating the device, G is for throwing grenades and C is for crouching when necessary. Of course, make sure the rebels don't execute you first, or you'll have to start your mission over again. Each level introduces a more challenging objective and map to complete, but if you give it your best shot, you will emerge victorious!

how to play :

Mouse 1: Fire Mouse 2: Aim/Block W-S-A-D: Walk Left Shift: Sprint Left Ctrl: Crouch X: Prone Space: Jump F: Use item R: Reload H: Holster weapon G: Grenade V: Melee attack T: Slow-mo

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