description :

Mr One Punch: Action Fighting Game is exciting online action game. You'll be a part of the world's most intense combat tournament. Beat your opponents and push them off the platform in this fast-paced fighting game. The location of this competition is unlike any previous large-scale fighting competition of its sort, as it takes place in a high-class war arena. Keep your clenched fists ready! At a moment and place you never anticipated, you can find and surround your opponents. In addition to the various fighting styles you are already familiar with, such as boxing, karate, or even wrestling. Keep an eye out for any threats and use precision movement to take them out. Your life is at stake if you're hit in the sky and you're not on the high platform. On lofty platforms, evade and counterattack your foes, ensuring that you are the last one standing. Using cutting-edge 3D graphics, animations, and effects, Mr. One Punch provides a diverse selection of action-packed online fighting games that players of all ages will enjoy.

how to play :

Use mouse to play this game.

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