description :

Powerline.io is a snake multiplayer io game with strange and familiar gameplay. You control a glowing line of electricity with the arrow keys, the movement is very classic. You need to destroy the glowing lines other and collect their energy crystals to get bigger. If you move head-first into yourself, other players, or the border, you die. So be careful, you need to be more agile than other players to set traps and avoid them. Simple but surviving is never easy.
Tip for you you can getting close to other Powerlines gives you a surge of electricity which you can use to boost. The longer you can stay by another Powerline, the faster the boost.
You can grow endlessly for as long as you can in this game. Can you become the king of electricity?

how to play :

Use WASD to move.
Use T to chat, access various phrases you can direct towards other players.

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