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You can play Retro Bowl, a fun sports game, online.
A football game in the US is called the "Retro Bowl." Join the game, and players will come to top rugby events where you will be the coach.

First, you have to give your friends the ball. Throw, click, and drag in the opposite direction of the person who is running, then let go. When a teammate gets the ball, the player moves softly back to it.

Click the blue circle at the start of each turn to serve Back Run. To do the slide step while running, press W or S. A person could also be put in the middle. You have to try to throw the ball back to do this. Pressing A or D while he is running will slow him down or make him fall.

We've made it to the rock. The ball will move through the columns if you hit it twice at the right time. Put as much force as you can into the shot and aim for the middle of the court. Remember that the goal columns and field lines are both the same width. You can use the fuzzy form on the ground as a guide.

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