description :

SideArms.io is a unique shooter game. Like other third person shooter games, you play against many players around the world, and destroy them. You will be fighting with your robot, who will be shooting at your enemies. Try to make money to unlock new content for your character. With quick action and good graphics, the game bring you many interesting and interesting things. Hone your rocket skills to perform outrageous maneuvers and eliminate the competition in style. Play and complete challenges, participate in seasonal events, and enter giveaways to earn even more, unlock many interesting things.

Play other third-person shooters as Bullet Town and Shell Shockers

how to play :

Use WASD to move.
Use Space bar to jump.
Use Shift to use rocket boots.
Use LMB to fire gun.
Use RMB to aim.
Use F to use the sword.
Use R to reload.
Use E to switch guns.
Use ~ to drop guns.

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