description :

The Last Ninja is an amazing ninja game. This is a battle between ninjas and you are one of them. The goal of the game is that you help the ninja Armakuni in his journey to the palace of the evil general Kunitoki to assassinate him, avenge his clan, and retrieve the sacred scrolls. All you need to do is throw quickly and accurately so your opponent doesn't have a chance to shoot back. Jump around obstacles, traps and dangerous features of the terrain. By approaching and kneeling at certain landmarks, such as a Buddhist shrine and a fountain, an indication of what to collect next is revealed. These items are usually hidden in trees or bushes and flash as soon as the new screen is entered. Attacks are performed using a combination of directional controls with a fire button to strike the opponent's head, torso, and legs.
Go further for bonuses that you can use to upgrade your health and strength. Like equipping weapons like ninjato, nunchaku, staff, shuriken and smoke bombs. As the player progresses, Kunitoki's minions become more difficult as they learn the ways of the ninja. Throw knives at your opponents and kill them with a single shot to the head before they can swing the knife at you in The Last Ninja.

how to play :

Use left click to aim and throw.

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