description :

Whenever a long chain of marbles is rolling toward a secret chamber and you can't let them get there, what do we do? To remove marbles, you need to shoot them with other marbles. That may sound absurd, but it is the case! Shoot marbles of the same color into the chain with your Tiki stone. The marbles will vanish if you get three or more of them in a row. Make your balls disappear by shooting them and combining three or more of the same color in groups of three or more to make them disappear. The game is over if the row of balls runs out before you can stop it. Totemia, a mysterious ancient world, awaits! Use your tiki shooter to stop the moving line of cursed marbles! Match three balls of the same color to remove them from the field in this classic Match 3 game.. A level must be completed before the line reaches the end and all balls are eliminated. Aim for as many chain reactions as possible by activating power-ups that randomly appear on marbles and playing strategically. Break the curse by making it through 45 increasingly difficult levels with the highest possible score.

how to play :

Shoot your marble at the marbles to make them disappear if you can match three or more of the same color. Simply click or touch the desired location on the screen.

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