description :

Vex 5 is part 5 of the popular fun climbing stickman game. In this game, each level is a labyrinth of deadly devices and traps. Your task is to master skills such as climbing, running, jumping, and somersaults to help the stickman overcome challenges successfully. The game in this part is not as easy as the previous part, the difficulty is greatly increased and you are prone to failure. The labyrinth becomes more complex and traps more challenging. The stages are filled with buzz-saws, spikes, disappearing platforms and other contraptions that you are supposed to avoid. From time to time you are going to befall and lose by spikes and spinning blades. Don't worry, when you practice enough you will be happy with your success. If you die, you start from the beginning of the level or from the last checkpoint
There are 10 regular acts to work through, it gets trickier. The labyrinth becomes more complex and traps more challenging. Vex 5 gives you a virtual trophy cabinet with 4 achievement categories. You can earn cool trophies for completing an act perfectly without dying, or dying too much. You can win awards for your achievements. Find out how far you can get. Good luck.

how to play :

Use AD or left/right arrow to move.
Use W or up arrow to jump.
Use S or down arrow to crouch.

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