description :

Vex 6 is an exciting obstacle course in the popular Vex series. You control a stickman, your task is to escape from unique obstacles to reach the end of the level, as in previous versions. In this part 6, you will have exciting new challenges. To win the game you need to master jumps, runs, climbs, and more. And to do that you need a lot of practice. Traps and deadly dangers lie densely along your way. You run over giant blades of teeth, collapse bridges, or bounce over high walls. Some kites will help you soar through some really big gaps as you try to reach each checkpoint. There are actions you need to do it perfectly and on time, which is a tough challenge for you.
Don't forget to earn bonuses to buy cool new looks for your character. Do daily quests and earn bonuses from completing level goals without dying. Play for free and have a good time with our guy Vex.

how to play :

Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

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