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Participate in the arena and compete against as many as one hundred other players in Ubisoft All-Star Blast, an online arcade game that is based on the Bomberman franchise. The objective of the game is to place bombs while avoiding those of your opponents. The arenas will be numerous and themed around games from the Ubisoft portfolio. The goal will be to remove the other players from the game by detonating bombs in strategic locations; it is a battle royale mode in which the last player standing wins. The playing space will be lowered frequently, resulting in heated fights near the end of the game. The wooden crates will conceal numerous bonuses, providing you with a substantial edge over your opponents! Each game will give you gold based on your rating, which you can spend in the store to unlock avatars from the Rayman, Just Dance, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and Beyond Good and Evil universes, among others.

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