description :

Bob The Robber 3 is a cool stealth-based game. You play as Bob, a white-gloved thief who must break into government buildings to steal classified information. In which you perform dangerous missions in high-risk places. You are challenged to complete daring crime missions. You need to find your way through the guarded area, avoid the security cameras, cut the fuse box, make your enemies unconscious and hide in the dark to achieve your ultimate goal. Be very careful, if you get caught it means almost certainly a failure.
In some levels, you'll come face to face with armed soldiers, while in others, you'll have to knock out a few scientists. Each level introduces a new element, so you'll never get bored. Do not forget to collect loot along the way, and do not be subjective in each mission. Because the deeper you go, the greater the danger. Will you be brave enough to overcome the obstacles?

how to play :

Use AD or left/right arrow to move.

Use W or up arrow to interact.

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