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Bubble Shooter Free 3 is back, with the long-awaited third installment of one of the most popular bubble shooter games ever! Players can enjoy endless gameplay in this bubble shooter, free from time constraints. It includes the 'Bubble Swap' feature, which allows you to swap the current bubble in your shooter with the incoming one, as well as the BOMB, which causes massive explosions and pops 15 bubbles at once! Now the players can be much more strategic!


To remove three or more of the same color from the board, aim and shoot bubbles. The bottom arrow indicates where your shot will land. You'll see two bubbles: one ready to shoot and one in the lower left for strategic swaps. Successfully popping groups maintain the board free; however, missing shots create additional rows, pushing bubbles closer to the bottom. Don't allow them to get too low, or it's game over!

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