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Cats & Bees is an all-new rescue puzzle game featuring drawing elements that you have likely encountered in numerous variations featuring dogs. Since we are well aware of your fondness for cats and wanted to strike a balance, we considered it prudent to include cats in this game as well. we are confident it will also be true for this new game!

Play a drawing puzzle game with cats and bees right now!
Use the mouse to draw a circle around the cats so that the bees that will attack them once you do so do not get past the barriers and sting them; otherwise, you will lose and have to start over from scratch.

Use the limited ink you have, as indicated by a bar on top, and if you can do it and live until the clock strikes zero seconds, you will receive three stars, or fewer if you did not perform well.

Start immediately, exclusively on this page, and do not pause for a moment, because you never know when additional fantastic games will be added today, and we have a secret: They will!

How to play

Use your mouse.


how to play :

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