description :

Daddy Rabbit is a fun animal game. In the game, you control a father rabbit who must find and lead his scattered baby bunnies to safety in an underground maze full of zombies. You will enter an adventure with a dark world full of tunnels and dangers. You need to find the baby rabbits lying still everywhere, the father rabbit passes by, they will follow him all the way. The baby bunnies follow their father, but they will wake up if he wanders too far, they will be scared and hungry, the zombies hate the sound of baby bunnies crying, so hurry up, leave them be quiet, you just feed them a carrot and they stay there. The zombies can follow the cry and eat them, if that happens, to protect his children, the father rabbit will throw carrot punches to knock them down. Collect as many carrots as you can and be ready for any possible situation. Be careful as you collect each lost rabbit, be patient, and don't miss a single one. Collect gems and hearts to protect yourself, kill dangerous enemies and get to the safe ground with your little friends, develop a good strategy to save as many bunnies as possible by darkening. Optimize the use of carrots to increase a level with three stars. Can you help dad rabbit find his way through this underground maze and reach the safe zone with his children? Follow the guiding arrows and complete this mission for the sake of our little animals!
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how to play :

Use the left mouse or WASD to move.
Use B to feed the bunnies.
Use Space to shoot carrots at the zombies.
Use movement controls can be switched.

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