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Doodlr.io allows you to share entertaining moments with other gamers. Draw and guess the phrases that other players are attempting to convey in their artwork.

It's time to show off your drawing skills. Play this game today to bring out your inner artist. To enter a randomly assigned room, enter your name and select a Doodlr Royale. If you want to play with your friends, make a private room and invite them to join. Following that, you and your fellow participants will take turns drawing. You will receive a list of words. Choose one, and then sketch a picture that represents the word. Once the picture is complete, the other players in the room can guess the word. Write your response in the chat box. If you are correct, you will receive numerous points. To level up, accumulate as many points as possible.

Come on! If you are overly anxious, play this game immediately to unwind. Don't forget to check out our website for more fun games like Slope Run, Cuphead, Geometry Jump, and Four in a Row.

How to control

Hold down the left mouse button to sketch.

how to play :

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