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DOP: Draw One Part is a casual puzzle game in which you must draw the missing elements of a picture. Test your thinking skills and see if you can figure out which component of the picture is missing! Guess correctly and move on to further tasks.

How to Play

Something is not right.

Use logic to determine what's missing. It could be a chair missing one leg, a rope swing without a branch, a safe without a door, or any number of other objects with missing components for you to find.

Draw the missing piece.

You don't need to sketch the missing piece correctly. The puzzle will solve itself as long as you get the overall shape correct. Press the hints button to reveal the area you need to draw if you find yourself stuck.

Challenge your brain.

DOP: Draw One Part is an unlimited puzzle game, so keep playing! Challenge your brain with this entertaining drawing puzzle game and fill in the missing pieces without needing to draw like an artist.

how to play :

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