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DOP Noob: Draw to Save is a puzzle drawing game that tests your brain and reasoning. Draw a line to keep Noob safe from deadly creatures like cave spiders, sharp saws, fire, zombies, skeleton archers, and more. Noob is in serious peril, so your task is to save him! Save the Dog, Draw to Save, and Minecraft Universe all inspired the Noob versus Pro team to create this game!


  • Drawing is addictive and relaxing.
  • Entertaining and time-wasting
  • Simple Physics System
  • Exercise your intellect.
  • Test your IQ and inventiveness.
  • The combination of logic puzzle games and sketching games is a straightforward yet captivating experience.
  • Endless entertainment and brain-bending problems.


Use the left mouse button to drag the line you want to draw.

how to play :

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