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Eraze That! is a unique platform game that provides a hand-drawn experience. In this creative and fascinating game, your goal is to draw platforms for your character to run on while also erasing all of the harmful ink stains that block your route. As you go, you will face a variety of obstacles and increasingly difficult foes.

What distinguishes Eraze That! is your ability to interact directly with the game environment via your trusty pencil and rubber. You'll use these tools to build platforms, remove barriers, and clear paths for your character to advance. This novel gameplay approach adds a dimension of inventiveness and problem-solving to the classic platformer genre.

Prepare to unleash your artistic abilities and smart thinking as you complete each level, eliminating obstacles and navigating the hand-drawn universe. "Eraze That!" is a unique take on platform gameplay that promises an engaging and visually appealing experience.

How to Play Eraze That!

Using Mouse

how to play :

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