description :

FireBoy and WaterGirl: Forest Temple is a fun popular puzzle game. In which you control both characters Fireboy and Watergirl to explore the Forest Temple. Your task is to must defeat a range of traps and tricky situations, pick up gems, and reach the end of the level.
Both characters have unique advantages that you should leverage to navigate through the level. Since Fireboy can’t touch water and Watergirl can’t touch fire. You need to control two characters at the same time to support each other to overcome the challenge. The further you go, the higher the game difficulty, when you need to think more, the actions need to be more complex to complete that solution.
Some levels have switches and buttons that require you to use both characters to get through. You’ll need to use the characters together to get through doors, up elevators, and over deadly green ooze. Activate buttons to move platforms, push boxes and collect diamonds to get to the exit door of the forest temple. Remember that both Fireboy and Watergirl have to avoid the green lake. Look over the level, see what kind of obstacles are in your way for a more holistic view and faster puzzle planning.
You explore 32 levels of the Forest Temple and the game's interesting platform levels, challenging puzzles. The first adventure Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple offer many levels and addictive gameplay. You can play the game alone or with a friend. Have fun.

how to play :

Use arrow keys to control fireboy.

Use WAD to control watergirl.

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