description :

Football Masters: Euro 2020 is a fun and cool game. You can play as your favorite team and compete against other teams in challenging soccer matches. Each team has their own kit and special moves. With each game mode, players can select either a single-player, two-player, or multiplayer. Progress through the tournament with your chosen team and try to be crowned champion of Europe. Enjoy.

how to play :

Single player controls

  • Use Left and right arrow or AD to move
  • Use Up arrow/W to jump
  • Use Down arrow/S to slide
  • Use X or L to shot
  • Use Z or K to super shot

Two players controls

  • To move, player 1 use A/D, player 2 use left/right arrow
  • To jump, player 1 use W, player 2 use up arrow
  • To slide, player 1 use S, player 2 use down arrow
  • To shot, player 1 use B, player 2 use L
  • To super shot, player 1 use V, player 2 use K

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