description :

Funny Shooter is a fun and action-packed shooting game. There are 18 weapons to choose from. Don't let people in. Different enemies have different sizes and skills. Dodge enemy tridents and grenades. Don't let them hurt you with an ax, chainsaw, or baton. Use the bazooka and grenade launcher to eliminate your enemies. You can eliminate them with shotguns and machine guns. Everything is funny.

how to play :

Use the mouse to look around. You can move with WASD, W+Shift, Run, Jump, Left Mouse Button and Right Mouse Button (Hold). You can aim with the mouse wheel. - The "next" or "best" weapon is the keys 1–7. R means reload. Knife Attack's Knife Attack is worth 1 Q and throwing grenades is worth 2 G. Check weapon with T E—set or store weapon

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