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Use your drawing talents to guess phrases or the drawings of other players in the game Gartic.io. Each round, a player will be assigned to draw a word to guess that does not contain letters, numbers, or symbols. All players who find the word gain points, and the first player to complete the point objective wins the game. Gartic.io allows you to construct your game rooms, and you may invite up to 50 others to play together by providing a link. Choose from the provided word groups and have endless fun with your imagination, drawing, and guessing abilities.

How to play Gartic.io:

Guess the word drawn by the player before time runs out. Write your answer in the conversation, avoiding spelling errors; if you discover the correct term, your answer will be validated and you will receive points. The first person to score 120 points wins the game.
When you are the designer, you have 60 seconds to draw the word you choose from the two options. You may not draw any numbers, letters, or symbols. Use drawings or sketches to encourage other participants to guess the word.

How do I establish a room and invite people to play Gartic.io?

On the game's home screen, click the 'Rooms' icon. You can then join public games established by other players or create your own public or private rooms. You can change the game parameters and select one of the seven themes available, which will define the words to guess.
To invite friends, first, establish a new room. You will receive a link that you can share with your friends to invite them to join your game.

Is Gartic.io playable on mobile devices and tablets?

You can play Gartic.io on mobile and tablets. Simply draw on your device's touch screen, and when you guess the words, use your virtual keyboard to provide recommendations.

how to play :

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