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In Impostor.io, you can beat other players to become the strongest! Use different kinds of weapons to beat everyone and move up the scoreboard. Gather energy blocks to build your strength and level up. Can you win the battle and become the most powerful impostor in the universe?

You can buy hats, and weapons, and change your character's color. Having a unique style will make you look much more experienced and scary. Get the most points by getting rid of each one one by one.

The character can be moved by using the mouse pointer. The direction is shown by an arrow that floats above the screen. Use the RMB to speed up and the LMB to attack. If you run too much, you might lose fitness and not be able to level up. Sometimes, it's important to stay away from someone who is stronger than you. If your health is low, look for more blocks. Improvements will bring back your youth.

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