description :

Line Rider 2 is a fantastic sketching game in which you must design a path for our wonderful rider to slide along! Use the pencil tool to draw lines; you may select from a variety of line types, including acceleration lines and checkpoints. Use your imagination to create bizarre and fascinating tracks and let your creativity run wild.

Once you've made a track, you can test it out by pressing the play button. Watch as our rider takes to your track and follows its path; will it be a success, or will it end in a tragic accident and crash? You can store your track designs and come up with as many new ideas as you can think of. Today, unleash your creativity and start painting lines!


Additional tools are to be employed.
You can change the track's size to fit your needs.
You can place a checkpoint flag to force the rider to start at the specified position.


To interact with the tools, left-click them.

how to play :

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