description :

Perfect Dunk is a basketball skill training game. Perfect Dunk is a sports game with realistic bouncing physics and an addictive basketball experience too. In the game, you need to successfully throw the ball as many times as possible. Basketball is an attractive sports game that is popular all over the world. Today, in the new Perfect Dunk game, you try to throw the ball into the ring. Remember you only have one chance per throw. The game is extremely simple and easy to play but addictive.  Throwing has never been this easy and relaxing: All you have to do is hold the button and try to get the ball over the net. Try to aim for the hint, you will have the perfect throw. With 3D configuration, the game should be more interesting. Show off amazing jumps, experience challenging levels, and unlock awesome power-ups to customize your character. Can you earn a perfect score at all levels? You can play this game completely free on your PC or phone.

how to play :

Use the mouse and left click mouse to aim and throw the ball.

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