description :

Rails and Stations is a new free game for you! In this game, you can explore the world around you, mine for resources and products, and construct railroads. Build up a stockpile of resources and sell them to the stations in exchange for money. To get railroad rails, you'll need to clear trees and mine iron. You'll be able to hire extra hands to help you gather resources more quickly. To make way for the trains, buy dynamite. Increase the size of your island so that you can explore it further and discover new resources. Sell all of your products at various stations. Thank you for taking the time to play this fantastic game. In order to open the map, you must first obtain the money to do so. The more difficult it becomes to mine resources, the further you advance.

how to play :

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the mouse to move your little guy around. The man will follow the cursor if you press the correct button and hold it down. When you visit a location, resources are automatically extracted. If you're using a keyboard, press the Enter key to switch to tractor mode or another mode.

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