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Run for your life in a brand new running game of fate! Every decision you make in the game will have an impact on your ultimate fate because we are all masters of our own destiny. If you want to be a good angel or a bad demon, it's up to you. Decide your eternal fate in Run Destiny Choice by making your own choices! Even if you've had a full life, it's never too late to make changes. You can still make changes at the last minute. Do you believe you have the power to alter the course of your life?
You'll have the opportunity to influence the outcome of events in the final moments of the game. You'll have to make your way down a long aisle filled with options. Your future self will be shaped by the decisions you make now! You should always choose the option that appears to make you a better person if you have two choices. When making these decisions, keep your end goal in mind. At the end of each level, you should be able to enter Heaven. So, choose your books wisely, avoid the devils, and do good deeds for others. In this skill game, there are both evil temptations and more virtuous items in each obstacle course. In order to reach Heaven after completing each difficulty level, you'll need to collect the morality-enhancing items. In this running game, you must avoid various evil items and collect those that are significantly more virtue-oriented. At the end of each level, where will you find yourself? To see if you're a good person, let's wait until the platform is completed!

how to play :

Use mouse to play this game

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