description :

Save My Pet is a game that will put your cognitive abilities and multitasking skills to the test. It's more than just painting lines with your finger; you're also helping the puppy! The purpose of this game is straightforward: save the doge. To do this, draw lines with your finger to build walls that will protect the dog from bee attacks in the hive. You must protect the dog from the bees' attack with the painted wall for 10 seconds; hold on, and you will win the game. Use your brain to help the doge!

How to play:

You can operate Save My Pet with your finger, regardless of whether you are using a mobile phone or tablet. If you're playing on a desktop, use a keyboard and a mouse. This game doesn't require installation. You can now play on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. You may also download the game using keyboard shortcuts and play it whenever you wish. Have fun and play for free!

how to play :

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