description :

You will take part in thrilling adventures in Slope Ball. A planet destroyed by the T-Rex, the titanoboa, the quetzalcoatlus, the bear Megatherium, the shark Megalodon, and the huge snake Titanoboa. Come today and help rescue the earth. Help the ball navigate dangerous obstacles by having it leap over them. You will pass through a lot of portals throughout the quest that might alter your traits and look. Regardless of how you look, your ultimate objective is to cross the finish line and eliminate every monster.

- Six captivating character kinds, including waves, cubes, ships, balls, UFOs, and robots. - Five maps, each with 11 difficult levels. - The path is littered with perilous traps and obstructions. - 8 portals (Cube portal, Shipport portal, Ball portal, UFO portal, Wave portal, Robot portal and Spider portal). - Gorgeous 2D visuals and melodic soundtrack.

how to play :

Click the mouse or press the up arrow key to jump.

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