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Squid Challenge Honeycomb is an intriguing-looking game that mimics the survival game seen in the internationally acclaimed film Squid Game. With the challenging task of sugar candy, a game that Korean youngsters are quite acquainted with, the game is very great. Players must complete the Honeycomb challenge in order to get a large bonus. The game includes avatars of the movie characters, but you must first play the game to access them. There are four difficulty levels in the game: easy, normal, hard, and expert. You'll find forms like a triangle, square, circle, umbrella, and many more in the hive, with the complexity of the shapes rising as you go through the levels. To cut the candy form out of the candy, use the mouse to draw along their contour, but don't draw too poorly, since if you screw up the shape, you'll lose it. Because you gain points at the conclusion of each level, we hope you get a high score and finish all of them. I wish you luck with it. The Squid Game premiered in September and soon became Netflix's most popular program. Here is a link to a free simulation game.

how to play :

Use the left click to draw.

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