description :

Squid Shooter is a 3D shooting game based on the Netflix original film Squid Game. Join the game as an outside spy and discover the mystery of the squid fishing game and the brutality that is taking place here. To protect yourself, you must destroy guards and other players. Avoid crowbar, ax, and knife blows. Kill them all and try to survive as long as possible before returning home safely. Select your friend's preferred weapon at the start of the game; there are 18 weapons to choose from; protect yourself, avoid bombs, and evade strikes. Destroy enormous dolls with grenade launchers and bazookas. Take good care of your ammo. Each level has a time limit. Try not to squander your ammunition. Pass each level, raise your score, and you will be able to obtain new weapons that will assist you in each difficulty level of this thrilling action and shooting game. Are you prepared to annihilate them all? Then begin the game and see if you can defeat them! Best wishes!

how to play :

Move with WASD, shift to run, space to jump, the mouse to aim and shoot, mouse wheel to change weapons, and R to reload your ammo. F, Q for knife attacks, G for grenades.

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