description :

Stickman Thief Online is an interesting puzzle game, in which you must support a small thief in stealing many different things, even everyone.

How to play

To reach the target or arrest people in every stage of this free online game, you must expand the arm of the thief. However, becoming a professional thief is more difficult than it appears. The advantage of becoming a stick is that your limbs can be suitable for small and prolonged and bent areas as elastic, very useful for this slippery figure. Learn how to steal everything that the thief suggests.

Both the Troll and the thief are susceptible to the attention of the victim as well as the potential injury from broken cords, sockets, knives, and vehicles. Use the help button if you are not sure.

Can you complete all 24 tasks without using suggestions? Wish you have fun!

how to play :

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