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Sugar, Sugar 2 is a strategy puzzle game in which you create lines to move sugar into a cup. To collect the sugar and direct it into the cup, create bridges and ramps. For a prequel to this game, see Sugar, Sugar.

How to play

Bart Bonte designed the second installment of Sugar, Sugar, which adds new levels and challenges for lovers of the previous game. Play with the precise mechanics that made this original Flash game so successful.

As you progress, the challenges become more difficult, with numerous cups and challenge boosters. As with the first game, completing all levels unlocks the free-play mode.

This amazing puzzle game is one of several Bart Bonte titles. Bart continues to create new games, such as Pixels for Christmas and Black, as well as popular classics like Factory Balls and Full Moon.


Draw your lines carefully; even the slightest angle or curve might impact the line flow.
Plan your path; you must plan because one mistake means you have to restart the level.
Draw at a steep angle—the line will reach the destination faster and will not stick to anything.


To sketch, click the left mouse button.

how to play :

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