description :

The Lost Pyramid is a very interesting puzzle game. You will uncover the treasures of a hidden pyramid. You need to control two characters or play with friends, each controlling one character and each character has a unique set of abilities that must utilize in order to complete the challenges and unlock the mysteries of the Egyptian marvel. Your goal is to complete each level by revealing the exit door in each level by collecting all the yellow jewels. Get ready to uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization. From mummies to scorpions, you will face many different enemies. The female character has a weapon, and she can use it to kill these monsters. The male character can use his fist to break the crate. This game has more than 10 different challenging levels to play and the gameplay will be easily addictive. Monitor your health bar and watch out for creepy mummies and traps. You can collect hearts to fill your health. At the top, you can see the female character, while the male character is at the bottom. Each character has 3 lives, but if one of them dies, you lose. The two characters need to act together to succeed through the levels. Can you guys uncover the mysteries of this place together?

how to play :

Player 1 controls: AD to move, W to jump, F to shoot.
Player 2 controls: Left and right arrow to move, Up arrow to jump, L to punch, K to throw a grenade.

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